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Richie Vos

Gem tasks fail when cache_classes=true

Reported by Richie Vos | December 10th, 2008 @ 06:31 PM | in 2.x

If I have a model like:

# MyModel.rb
require 'fastercsv'
class MyModel < ActiveRecord::Base; end

and in my config file I have

# ....
config.cache_classes = true
config.gem 'fastercsv'

and I don't have the fastercsv gem installed, the rake gems tasks cannot run.

In initializer.rb, cache_classes=true ends up kicking off the class preloading, which then ends up trying to require a gem that's not yet been installed, ... (another gems:install catch-22).

The easy fix is fairly straightforward (will provide a patch & tests), but load_application_classes needs to just check for $rails_gem_installer to be set, and if so don't try and do the preloading.

It kind of seems like the $rails_gem_installer flag is a bit of a hack, and that really rake gems:install should be setting what initializer steps get ran (seems like very few of them), but that's a bigger fix.

Here's a workaround you can drop into environment.rb in the mean-time

# this is a workaround for a Rails issue where cache_classing can lead to not yet installed
# gems to cause the gem:install to fail
module Rails
  class Initializer
    def load_application_classes_with_check_for_gem_loading
      load_application_classes_without_check_for_gem_loading unless $rails_gem_installer
    alias_method :load_application_classes_without_check_for_gem_loading, :load_application_classes
    alias_method :load_application_classes, :load_application_classes_with_check_for_gem_loading

Comments and changes to this ticket

  • Matt Jones

    Matt Jones December 20th, 2008 @ 09:16 PM

    Don't use "require 'fastercsv'" in your model - config.gem will do it for you if the gem is available.

  • dstrelau

    dstrelau January 7th, 2009 @ 05:50 PM

    • Tag changed from 2.2.2, bug, cache_classes, initializer, load_application_classes, railties to bug, cache_classes, edge, gems, initializer, load_application_classes, patch, railties, rake

    Actually, this is still a problem, even when not using require in the model. Initializer#load_application_classes runs, even when executing a gems task, which means that if the gem isn't installed, you end up with errors. Note this only happens in production or when config.cache_classes = true.

    Here is how you can replicate: 1) Uninstall 'thoughtbot-paperclip' if you have it installed 2) New rails project, with vendored rails 3) config.gem 'thoughtbot-paperclip', :lib => 'paperclip', :source => '' 4) script/generate model foo 5) class Foo < AR; has_attached_file :image; end 6) RAILS_ENV=production rake gems

    Patch against master attached, which just doesn't loaded classes if $rails_gem_installer is set:

    def load_application_classes
      if configuration.cache_classes && !$rails_gem_installer

    PS: I'd love to see this backported into 2.2 as well. :)

  • dstrelau

    dstrelau January 29th, 2009 @ 04:22 PM

    • Tag changed from bug, cache_classes, edge, gems, initializer, load_application_classes, patch, railties, rake to bug, gems, initializer, patch, railties, rake, tiny

    I'm going to bump this, in the hopes that someone might take a look and care, seeing as this bug essentially makes rake gems:install useless for satisfying gem dependencies on a production server.

  • Matt Jones

    Matt Jones February 18th, 2009 @ 01:15 AM

    Take a look at #1750 - I've attached a patch that basically bails out of the initializer if rake gems tasks are being run and gems are missing. This should stop anything like this from happening.

    Also see #802, which has probably handled this case already by turning off eager loading in all rake tasks.

  • Pratik

    Pratik August 8th, 2009 @ 08:54 PM

    • State changed from “new” to “stale”

    Please reopen if this is still an issue.

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