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Paul Campbell

Inflector singularising "loves" to "lofe", but pluralizing "love" to "loves"

Reported by Paul Campbell | April 3rd, 2009 @ 12:35 PM | in 2.x

I've found an inconsistency in the Inflection library with a few words ending in 'ove'

"love".pluralize => "loves"
"loves".singularize => "lofe"

"glove".pluralize => "gloves"
"gloves".singularize => "glofe"

The inflector as it stands is there to support words like "half", "safe", "wife" ... however, all three of these are consistent between singularize and pluralize.

I got turned away from submitting a patch based on a message in active_support/inflector.rb:

# The Rails core team has stated patches for the inflections library will not be accepted # in order to avoid breaking legacy applications which may be relying on errant inflections. # If you discover an incorrect inflection and require it for your application, you'll need # to correct it yourself (explained below).

However, this seems to me to be more than a case of an errant / incorrect inflection ... and I can't imagine too many apps relying on an inconsistency between singularize and pluralize.

I've created a pre-emptive patch that fixes the issue

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    And, alas, the comment is correct. Despite the nagging inconsistencies in the inflector, what we have is what we have until such time as there's a complete rewrite.

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