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Alex Arnell

activerecord condition hashes should respect ruby range syntax

Reported by Alex Arnell | May 26th, 2008 @ 05:00 PM

Ruby has some explicit rules for Ranges,

a = 1..10 => 1 through 10
b = 1...10 => 1 through 9

but activerecord doesn't follow those rules when uses condition hashes. Take for example:

date_range = (2.weeks.ago.to_date)...(
Post.find(:all, :conditions => { :published_at => date_range })

When I read this could I would expect that query to return all the posts that happened in the last two weeks prior to today. However this is not the case. Activerecord uses the BETWEEN sql syntax to handle ranges, which means that the above query actually runs equivalently to (min <= published_at AND published_at <= max).

Attached is a patch (including tests) that corrects this behavior.

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