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Paul Campbell

ActiveRecord::Base#find ... let :order param accept a Hash or an Array

Reported by Paul Campbell | June 7th, 2009 @ 10:48 AM | in 3.x

I've been using the :order param on finders quite a lot recently, and what with being able to specify a :conditions => {} hash, I've really felt that :order should be as well endowed.

I took a look at a request here: which was shot down because hashes aren't sorted ... but it was never raised that :order could take an array.

This patch allows you to pass a hash to :order for sorting by one column only in a particular direction, eg:

Developer.find(:all, :order => {:name => :desc})

In addition, if you want to specify multiple sort columns, you can do so by passing in an array of hashes, strings, or symbols:

Developer.find(:all, :order => [{:salary => :asc}, :name, 'id'])


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