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Jon Buda

BlueCloth, markdown(), config.gem, unpack gem and Rails 2.1 not working properly?

Reported by Jon Buda | June 3rd, 2008 @ 06:36 PM

I've been using Edge Rails for awhile and 2.1 as of today and I've noticed something really weird going on with the BlueCloth gem while trying to unpack it into the vendor/gems dir using the new gem dependency stuff in 2.1 so that I can deploy my app without having to install the BlueCloth gem.

For easy of deployment, I'm trying to vendor all my gems. So I install the BlueCloth gem locally, then in my environment.rb I have the line:

config.gem 'BlueCloth', :lib => "bluecloth", :version => '1.0.0'

Simple enough. Then I do 'rake gems:unpack:dependencies' to unpack BlueCloth into 'vendor/gems/BlueCloth-1.0.0'. Seems to work fine. Now if I uninstall the local gem 'sudo gem uninstall BlueCloth' and run my rails app, the 'markdown()' helper method is no longer found. So in my views, this no longer works:

<%= markdown sometext.body %>

However, this does work in my views:

<%= BlueCloth::new(sometext.body).to_html %>

So I know the gem is being loaded from the vendor/gems dir. Is this a bug in the Rails code or am I doing something wrong here?

I've looked at the source code (line 253 in text_helper.rb) for the 'markdown' helper and it contains the line:

require_library_or_gem "bluecloth" unless Object.const_defined?(:BlueCloth)

After which it defines the 'markdown()' which apparently isn't being defined in my case...

If I try 'Object.const_defined?(:BlueCloth)' from script/console it returns true

Is text_helper.rb trying to define the markdown method before the gem is loaded from vendor/gems?

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