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problem with renderiong

Reported by setsunaruu | August 5th, 2010 @ 07:30 PM

I'm create scaffold for table people, than i remove action show like this
# POST /people # POST /people.xml def create

@person =[:person])

respond_to do |format|
    format.html { redirect_to :action => 'index' }
    format.xml  { render :xml => @person, :status => :created, :location => @person }
    format.html { render :action => "new" }
    format.xml  { render :xml => @person.errors, :status => :unprocessable_entity }


# PUT /people/1 # PUT /people/1.xml def update

@person = Person.find(params[:id])

respond_to do |format|
  if @person.datum.update_attributes(params[:datum]) && @person.update_attributes(params[:person])
    format.html { redirect_to :action => 'index' }
    format.xml  { head :ok }
    format.html { render :action => "edit" }
    format.xml  { render :xml => @person.errors, :status => :unprocessable_entity }


I create a new person on page 'new', then redirect to 'index' (on development)
When I run it into production (mongrel_rails + lighttpd) I'm going to go on blank page.

In log file this look like


Processing PeopleController#new (for at 2010-08-05 22:24:50) [GET]
[4;36;1mPerson Columns (1.4ms)[0m [0;1mSHOW FIELDS FROM people[0m Rendering template within layouts/people
Rendering people/new
Rendered people/_person_form (61.3ms)
Completed in 70ms (View: 64, DB: 2) | 200 OK [http://localhost/people/new]
[4;35;1mSQL (0.1ms)[0m [0mSET NAMES 'utf8'[0m [4;36;1mSQL (0.1ms)[0m [0;1mSET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0[0m

Processing PeopleController#create (for at 2010-08-05 22:24:53) [POST]
Parameters: {"person"=>{"permalink"=>"asdfsadf"}, "commit"=>"Создать", "authenticity_token"=>"YHHhE/vYbwvDa/wN8O6L/KPk71WpcUwxhVdKpU1y4rk=", "datum"=>{"death(1i)"=>"", "name"=>"", "death(2i)"=>"", "death(3i)"=>"", "interview"=>"", "birth(1i)"=>"", "birth(2i)"=>"", "image"=>"", "birth(3i)"=>"", "work"=>""}} [4;35;1mPerson Columns (2.3ms)[0m [0mSHOW FIELDS FROM people[0m [4;36;1mPersonDatum Columns (1.5ms)[0m [0;1mSHOW FIELDS FROM person_data[0m [4;35;1mSQL (0.3ms)[0m [0mBEGIN[0m [4;36;1mPersonDatum Create (0.2ms)[0m [0;1mINSERT INTO person_data (name, birth, created_at, interview, updated_at, person_id, image, death, work) VALUES('', NULL, '2010-08-05 18:24:53', '', '2010-08-05 18:24:53', NULL, '', NULL, '')[0m [4;35;1mSQL (0.9ms)[0m [0mCOMMIT[0m [4;36;1mSQL (0.1ms)[0m [0;1mBEGIN[0m [4;35;1mPerson Load (0.2ms)[0m [0mSELECT FROM people WHERE (people.permalink = BINARY 'asdfsadf') LIMIT 1[0m [4;36;1mPerson Create (0.2ms)[0m [0;1mINSERT INTO people (permalink, created_at, updated_at) VALUES('asdfsadf', '2010-08-05 18:24:53', '2010-08-05 18:24:53')[0m [4;35;1mPersonDatum Update (0.2ms)[0m [0mUPDATE person_data SET updated_at = '2010-08-05 18:24:53', person_id = 20 WHERE id = 28[0m [4;36;1mSQL (2.0ms)[0m [0;1mCOMMIT[0m Redirected to http://localhost:3000/people
Completed in 24ms (DB: 8) | 302 Found [http://localhost/people]
[4;35;1mSQL (0.1ms)[0m [0mSET NAMES 'utf8'[0m [4;36;1mSQL (0.1ms)[0m [0;1mSET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0[0m

Processing PeopleController#index (for at 2010-08-05 22:24:53) [GET]
[4;35;1mPerson Load (0.3ms)[0m [0mSELECT FROM people [0m Rendering template within layouts/people
Rendering people/index
[4;36;1mPerson Columns (1.4ms)[0m [0;1mSHOW FIELDS FROM people[0m [4;35;1mPersonDatum Load (0.3ms)[0m [0mSELECT
FROM person_data WHERE (person_data.person_id = 17) LIMIT 1[0m [4;36;1mPersonDatum Columns (1.2ms)[0m [0;1mSHOW FIELDS FROM person_data[0m Rendered people/people_list_item (11.3ms)
[4;35;1mPersonDatum Load (0.3ms)[0m [0mSELECT * FROM person_data WHERE (person_data.person_id = 18) LIMIT 1[0m Rendered people/
people_list_item (2.9ms)
[4;36;1mPersonDatum Load (0.2ms)[0m [0;1mSELECT FROM person_data WHERE (person_data.person_id = 19) LIMIT 1[0m Rendered people/_people_list_item (2.8ms)
[4;35;1mPersonDatum Load (0.3ms)[0m [0mSELECT
FROM person_data WHERE (person_data.person_id = 20) LIMIT 1[0m Rendered people/people_list_item (2.7ms)
Rendered people/
people_list (20.7ms)
Completed in 28ms (View: 20, DB: 4) | 200 OK [http://localhost/people]


Processing PeopleController#new (for at 2010-08-05 22:26:10) [GET]
Rendering template within layouts/people
Rendering people/new
Completed in 29ms (View: 28, DB: 0) | 200 OK []

Processing PeopleController#create (for at 2010-08-05 22:26:14) [POST]
Parameters: {"commit"=>"Созда?~B?~L", "authenticity_token"=>"B4RPnGhWSNH28etbX3/xrsiUmEuBznrbJGSTFg/mvBc=", "datum"=>{"death(1i)"=>"", "name"=>"", "deatt h(2i)"=>"", "interview"=>"", "death(3i)"=>"", "birth(1i)"=>"", "birth(2i)"=>"", "image"=>"", "birth(3i)"=>"", "work"=>""}, "person"=>{"permalink"=>"asdasdasdfasdfasdfasdf"}}
Redirected to
Completed in 53ms (DB: 47) | 302 Found []

Why /people not renedred?

Comments and changes to this ticket

  • Harm-Jan Blok

    Harm-Jan Blok August 12th, 2010 @ 11:11 AM


    I had a similar issue where a HTTP POST (create or update action) didn't render the requested page. Within the log file I also didn't see a render request for /people (or whatever) after a create or update action. When I used Firebug I saw the HTTP POST returned a 404 response containing the message You are being <a href="http://site/people">redirected</a>. The client never asked the server to render /people because of the 404 response. Thats why the render request never showed up in the log file.

    I my case it turned out to be a proxy problem, somehow changing the 302 response into a 404. So my suggestion would be to check if there's a proxy in between which causes this error.


  • Andrea Campi

    Andrea Campi October 17th, 2010 @ 02:43 PM

    Are you still experiencing this issue?

  • Aditya Sanghi

    Aditya Sanghi October 18th, 2010 @ 12:55 PM

    • State changed from “new” to “invalid”
    • Importance changed from “” to “Low”

    Is the log provided above hand-written cos i can see a parameter "deatt h(2i)" which would lead me to believe that you had a failure in your application, perhaps.

    This is a very standard and tested functionality of Rails and the problem is more than likely in your local setup. I suggest you use Harm-Jan Blok's suggestion and use Firebug to detect actual return codes and debug intermediate proxies or such like.

    I would also suggest you run the same code in your development machine but with RAILS_ENV set to production to see if you get the same error. Also try to see if you get the problem with production settings with mongrel only or with webrick or thin?

    Marking the ticket invalid but if you do come across a scenario where there is indeed a Rails problem, we can re-open this ticket. Please provide a failing test and/or a patch in that case.

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