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Jeff Lawson

Rails Bug -- MySQL connection left in unusable state after and MysqlAdapter.select_rows -- with patch

Reported by Jeff Lawson | August 10th, 2010 @ 02:32 PM

When and MysqlAdapter.select_rows are used to call a stored procedure that returns a result set, the connection is left in a state that expects a further call to check for more results and, if necessary, to retrieve the next result, even though the desired result set has already been returned. Failure to tidy up the connection results in Mysql::Error: Commands out of sync when the connection is next used. Such a failure can be seen by calling which returns false, leading one to suspect that the connection was dropped when in fact the act of calling was itself an out of sync command and was responsible for the dropped connection. This explains why the current test_multi_results method in activerecord/test/cases/adapters/mysql/connection_test.rb neglects to call in the way the preceding tests do. My patch adds this call and the test passes once the problem is fixed.

The bug is easily fixed by adding the single statement that is commented below.

  @connection.query_with_result = true
  result = execute(sql, name)
  rows = []
  result.each_hash { |row| rows << row }
  @connection.more_results && @connection.next_result    # invoking stored procedures with CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS requires this to tidy up else the connection will be dropped

I have provided the fix plus a new test in the attached diff file.

I posted this more than a week ago under #3151 but it has not yet received attention, presumably as it has a milestone for 2.3.9 and most people are focussed on 3.0. I am concerned that this patch should make it to the 3.0 release.

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