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Todor Dragnev

router.rb match and :format problem

Reported by Todor Dragnev | December 8th, 2010 @ 05:34 PM

I have following request via method GET:


So information from this request grouped in this way:

  :controler - check
  :action - car
  :uniqid - 8C9BB87
  :latitude - 43.21335
  :longitude - 27.9023316666667
  :timestamp - 1291808804
  :seq - 3

I wrote the following match rule in routes.rb:

match "check/car/:car_number/:gps_location_latitude/:gps_location_longitude/:gps_location_timestamp/:seq", :controller => :check, :action => :car

Output from rake routes:

/check/car/:car_number/:gps_location_latitude/:gps_location_longitude/:gps_location_timestamp/:images_count(.:format) {:action=>"car", :controller=>"check"} 

but when try to hit this controller

curl http://localhost:3000/check/car/8C9BB87/4321.335/279023316.666667/1291808804/3

I receive:

No route matches /check/car/8C9BB87/4321.335/279023316.666667/1291808804/3

When I remove '.' from url all is ok, the problem seems to be in :format, but i don't know how to avoid or disable :format checking.

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  • Neeraj Singh

    Neeraj Singh December 8th, 2010 @ 06:04 PM

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    In routes pass :format => false and then use your regexp to match the incoming data.

  • Todor Dragnev

    Todor Dragnev December 8th, 2010 @ 07:08 PM

    Ok, I change my route to

      match "check/car/:car_number/:latitude/:longitude/:timestamp/:images_count",
    :controller => :check, :action => :car, :format => false

    Output from rake routes is:

    /check/car/:car_number/:latitude/:longitude/:timestamp/:images_count {:action=>"car", :controller=>"check"}

    Then execute test command still have error:

    curl http://localhost:3000/check/car/MC89B/4313046/27.901795/12.91830451/2
    No route matches /check/car/MC89B/4313046/27.901795/12.91830451/2

    When remove dots from request

    curl http://localhost:3000/check/car/MC89B/4313046/27901795/1291830451/2

    All is Ok.

  • Andrew White

    Andrew White February 9th, 2011 @ 06:48 AM

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    Todor, by default . is not allowed in dynamic segments - you need to supply a regexp to override this:

    get '/location/:lat/:lng', :to => 'maps#show', :lat => %r{[^/]+}, :lng => %r{[^/]+}, :format => false

    This crops up frequently - see my response to #5994. I really must get around to adding something to the guides.

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