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Matthew Boehlig

[PATCH] change_table cleanup

Reported by Matthew Boehlig | May 4th, 2008 @ 07:23 PM

This patch cleans up the changes that were introduced with #71.

It affects three areas:

  1. code
  2. documentation
  3. whitespace

1. Code

The documentation said reference/remove_reference could be used (in addition to their plural names) but these methods were missing. Added proper aliases and tests.

2. Documentation

Tried to make things more consistent.


  • Added previously mentioned reference/remove_reference to list of available transformations
  • Pluralized/Singularized Examples depending on number listed
  • Made example descriptions into small headers
  • Removed dangling See that was never completed
  • Changed See to SchemaStatements#add_timestamps as #timestamps doesn't exist
  • Removed single t.removes() example from doc as there is only a singular method makes sense

3. Whitespace

  • Changed sentence spacing from two spaces to one, since it gets collapsed anyways
  • Empty lines and dangling spaces removed in entire schema_definitions.rb file

I tried to make things more consistent and will appreciate feedback:

  • I added reference alias to be consistent with docs, but are all three aliases needed? (reference , references , belong_to) As a sentence, foo references/belongs_to bar sounds proper as "noun verb noun"
  • In contrast, t.removes zig should just be singular to be consistent with the other methods
  • Does the whitespace cleanup in the entire file dilute the focus of main fixes and should it be left to a separate patch?

Patch is attached or available in my fork at: git:// (change_table_doc_fix or master branch)

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