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Eugene Pimenov

Layout lookup fails when a template has locale in its filename

Reported by Eugene Pimenov | January 24th, 2010 @ 02:09 AM

In Rails3 I get an error when trying to render a template with locale in its filename.

The repro code is (copied from the attached test):

class WithLocaleInTemplate < Base
  layout "hello"

  def index
    render 'hello_world'

hello_world, for example, is hello_world.en.html.erb

Exception I get:

  NoMethodError: You specified nil as the layout, but no such method was found
      rails/actionpack/lib/abstract_controller/layouts.rb:397:in `_default_layout'

Actual exception is

 undefined method `|' for :en:Symbol
 rails/actionpack/lib/action_view/template/resolver.rb:15:in `register_detail'
 rails/actionpack/lib/action_view/template/resolver.rb:59:in `call'
 rails/actionpack/lib/action_view/template/resolver.rb:59:in `normalize_detail'

but it's hidden behind rescue NoMethodError in _default_layout.

The fix is one-liner:

  -        locale  = details.last && details.pop.to_sym
  +        locale  = details.last && [details.pop.to_sym]

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