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Miguel Vazquez

Fields_for nesting problem

Reported by Miguel Vazquez | June 17th, 2008 @ 03:52 AM

I have a business object that may contain other objects of the same type recursively. I did a partial that could include itself, It is attached (The code is in spanish, sorry!). The problem was that some nested properties where not filled out.

For example, for the paramters as follows:

[["authenticity_token", "676f0eceda432add232e14d03adf74b03f03ea25"],

["plano[nombre]", "a"],

["plano[pieza_attrs][][posicion]", "1"],

["plano[plano_attrs][][nombre]", "c"],

["plano[plano_attrs][][pieza_attrs][][posicion]", "3"],

["commit", "Crear"]]

Resulted in:

{"commit"=>"Crear", "authenticity_token"=>"676f0eceda432add232e14d03adf74b03f03ea25", "plano"=>{"pieza_attrs"=>[{"posicion"=>"1"}], "plano_attrs"=>[{"pieza_attrs"=>[], "nombre"=>"c"}], "nombre"=>"a"}}

when it should have been

{"commit"=>"Crear", "authenticity_token"=>"676f0eceda432add232e14d03adf74b03f03ea25", "plano"=>{"pieza_attrs"=>[{"posicion"=>"1"}], "plano_attrs"=>[{"pieza_attrs"=>[{"posicion" => "3"}], "nombre"=>"c"}], "nombre"=>"a"}}

After long hours diving into the Rails code I found that a simple change in


did the trick, def bind(key, value)

if top.is_a? Array

if key

if top[-1].is_a?(Hash) && ! top[-1].key?(key)

top[-1][key] = value

  • value = top[-1][key] # Added by Miguel Vazquez


top << {key => value}.with_indifferent_access

push top.last



top << value


elsif top.is_a? Hash

key = CGI.unescape(key)

parent << (@top = {}) if top.key?(key) && parent.is_a?(Array)

return top[key]


raise ArgumentError, "Don't know what to do: top is #{top.inspect}"


return value


Note that it also includes a change I found in

I really hope this ticket helps.

PS: I'd love to know who come that fixed the problem.

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