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Unify ActionController::Base#render

Reported by DHH | November 22nd, 2008 @ 05:21 PM

Now that we've unified ActionView::Base#render, it's time to do the same with ActionController::Base#render. The changes should be as follows:

Make render(string) expand to render(:template => string)

Unify the :file/:template/:action calls to just be :template (which then can be contracted to render(string)).

render :file => '/Users/what/ever.html.erb'   -> render('/Users/what/ever.html.erb') (begins with forward slash)
render :template => 'other_controller/action' -> render('other_controller/action') (same)
render :action => 'hello'                     -> render('hello') (Does not have any slash)

From Admin::Bar controller:

render('foo/bar')                                # Renders bar.html.erb of Admin::Foo controller (current namespace)
render :template => 'foo/bar', :namespace => '/' # Renders bar.html.erb of Foo controller from top namespace

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