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Matthew Moore

ActiveResource should use to_param to generate routes

Reported by Matthew Moore | January 9th, 2009 @ 09:06 AM | in 3.x

Let's say you have a resource that uses a permalink to_param, instead of id.

To find this using ActiveResource, you'd usually do something like:

ar = :id => 'my-permalink'                            #=> 'my-permalink'

ar.get(:custom_action)                            #=> 5

However, this causes problems for the next call you do to 'ar', because id will be over-written by the ID of the object, not the permalink.

If you did a subsequent call again (or a save), you'd get a 404, because you're actually sending the ID, not the permalink.


Instead, the solution should be to let you set a to_param method in your ActiveRecord class that can be overridden in 'permalink'-style cases. E.g.:

MyActiveResource < ActiveResource::Base
  def to_param

So the following would work:

ar = :permalink => 'my-permalink'                                        #=> nil
ar.permalink                            #=> 'my-permalink'
ar.to_param                             #=> 'my-permalink'

ar.get(:custom_action)                                        #=> 5
ar.permalink                            #=> 'my-permalink'
ar.to_param                             #=> 'my-permalink'

ar.get(:custom_action)  # now works!    # now works!

Any thoughts appreciated before I dive in and take the time to submit the patch!

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