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Empty file uploads should not come through as empty Tempfiles

Reported by Mislav | January 20th, 2009 @ 05:18 PM

We're using Paperclip for file uploads and recent edge Rails rendered our user profile forms unusable.

File uploads don't break our application when there was an actual file upload; what breaks Paperclip is the case when nothing was selected in the file input. The form is still sent with multipart encoding and parsed by Rack, which creates a Tempfile regardless of whether some data was received or not.

The result of Rack processing a single file field is a hash with these keys: {:filename, :type, :name, :tempfile, :head}.

Rails further processes this in ActionController::UrlEncodedPairParser.get_typed_value. When it sees the above formatted hash, it replaces it with the Tempfile object it references and applies other metadata, like filename, as properties of this object.

In short, when a "user[avatar]" file field was sent empty, older Rails version would receive nothing:

params[:user][:avatar]  # => nil

Now a Tempfile is received in any case:

params[:user][:avatar]  # => #<File:/tmp/RackMultipart.xxxyyy>

So naturally Paperclip thinks a file was uploaded and explodes because this object has nil value original_filename and a size of 0.

A solution is to check for Tempfile size and not let it through if it's zero.

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