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Matthew Parker (PUT) doesn't clear out errors

Reported by Matthew Parker | March 13th, 2010 @ 10:51 PM | in 2.3.10

i've confirmed this bug in rails 2.3.5. here are the steps to reproduce:

first, create a standard rails app with a scaffolded "Author":

  # rails library
  # cd library
  # script/generate scaffold Author name:string
  # rake db:migrate

next, require that the "name" attribute on an author be present:

  # vim library/app/models/author.rb
  class Author < ActiveRecord::Base
    validates_presence_of :name

start the app:

  # script/server

now, go into irb and create an ActiveResource::Base class that points to our library app:

  # irb
  >> require 'active_resource'
  >> class Author < ActiveResource::Base; = 'http://localhost:3000'; end
  >> a =
  >> = "moonmaster9000"
    ==> true
  >> = nil
    ==> false
  >> a.errors
    ==> #["can't be blank"]} ....
  >> = "Matt Parker"
    ==> true

In our library app, we've successfully updated the author record with the name "Matt Parker". At this point, I would expect a.errors to be empty again, and a.valid? to be true. Unfortunately, this is not the case:

  >> a.errors
    ==> #["can't be blank"]} ....
  >> a.valid? 
    ==> false

I'd be happy to look into fixing this bug; I do a lot of work with ActiveResource and have several gems that build on and extend ActiveResource ( - however, I don't want to fix this bug if ARes is already undergoing a lot of changes for Rails 3, rendering any bug fix to a 2.3 branch obsolete.

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