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assert_redirected_to is too strict

Reported by Ivan | November 28th, 2008 @ 12:48 PM | in 3.x

We've had several tests broken after the update to Rails 2.2 because of the new behavior of assert_redirected_to. The new version doesn't allow to match:

redirect_to '/categories/new'


redirect_to :action => 'new'


assert_redirected_to :controller => 'categories', :action => 'new'

It's also not tolerant anymore to String / Symbol differences:

assert_redirected_to :controller => 'categories', :action => 'new'

won't match:

redirected_to :controller => 'categories', :action => :new

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  • Jessy
  • Tom
  • josh

    josh December 3rd, 2008 @ 03:40 PM

    • State changed from “new” to “open”

    Sounds like a problem, got patch?

  • Tom

    Tom December 3rd, 2008 @ 04:11 PM

    I don't have a patch, but have a slew of tests that are affected by the new behavior of the assert_redirected_to. It is more than just being too strict, it appears to not match routes correctly from the routes.rb as well. I can post examples if it will help? I'd love to help if I can!

  • Tom

    Tom December 23rd, 2008 @ 10:24 PM

    Just trying to help:


    map.connect '/:address', :controller => 'page', :action => 'show'

    Unit Test:

    assert_generates  "/page-name", {:controller => "page", :action => "show", :address => 'page-name'}
    assert_recognizes "/page-name", {:controller => 'page', :action => 'show', :address => 'page-name'}

    This will not work in Rails 2.2.2

  • Tom

    Tom December 24th, 2008 @ 12:24 AM

    Okay, disregard my last post. This is a better way to capture the issue:


     map.connect '/:address', :controller => 'page', :action => 'show'




    assert_redirected_to(ActionController::Routing::Routes.recognize_path(@response.redirected_to), @response.redirected_to)

    That test should always pass, since the recognize_path method will return the params hash of the redirected_to url. BUT

    Test::Unit::AssertionFailedError Exception: Expected response to be a redirect to <> but was a redirect to <>.

    So, the assert_redirected_to is not assembling the correct route for the hash options provided in the first parameter.

  • Kieran P

    Kieran P February 16th, 2009 @ 08:27 AM

    • Tag changed from assertions, tests to 2.3, 2.3.0, assertions, tests


    Expected response to be a redirect to http://Kete/site but was a redirect to http://Kete/site/.

    I think the new functionality is better, but a trailing slash?!? Common!

  • James S

    James S February 23rd, 2009 @ 07:06 AM

    i have experienced a bunch of new failing tests also upon upgrading to 2.2.2 but it would appear that the issue isn't exactly a bug, but rather intentionally reduced functionality while increasing simplicity of the code for both the assert and redirect_to itself.

    i think this is the breaking commit:

    and this seems to be related:

    my particular case is


    redirect_to :controller => :patients, :action => :show, :id => @patient 


    assert_redirected_to :controller => :patients, :action => :show

    works, but if i change controller to

    redirect_to patient_path(@patient)

    i get

    response to be a redirect to <> but was a redirect to <>

    i didn't specify an ID in my assert at all - so something is wrong. this asserted fine in 2.1.

    the workaround for me is to use the patient_path approach in the controller and use

    assert_redirected_to assigns(:patient)

    in the test, as suggested by the maintainer in the second link posted above. which does work, and is actually cleaner in a way .. fine for my small site, but maybe this is less fine for others

  • Ryan Bigg

    Ryan Bigg April 11th, 2010 @ 10:55 PM

    • State changed from “open” to “incomplete”

    Using symbols / strings inconsistently is not quite a Rails bug. Nonetheless, if you wish to see this fixed, please submit a failing test case.

  • Jeremy Kemper

    Jeremy Kemper May 4th, 2010 @ 06:48 PM

    • Milestone changed from 2.x to 3.x
  • Rohit Arondekar

    Rohit Arondekar June 23rd, 2010 @ 03:01 AM

    Any updates to this ticket? This is still an issue on Rails master?

  • Santiago Pastorino

    Santiago Pastorino February 2nd, 2011 @ 05:01 PM

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  • Santiago Pastorino

    Santiago Pastorino February 2nd, 2011 @ 05:01 PM

    • State changed from “open” to “stale”

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