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Erik Andrejko

named_scope and nested order clauses

Reported by Erik Andrejko | March 16th, 2009 @ 01:35 PM | in 3.x

named_scope currently has some unexpected behavior when nesting :order clauses. This problem also occurs in the underlying with_scope implementation.

This test does not pass:

def test_scoping_with_multiple_order
  expected = Monk.find(:all, :order => "birth_year, first_name").map{|m| m.full_name}
  options = {:order => "birth_year"}
  Monk.with_scope(:find => options) do
    assert_equal expected, Monk.find(:all, :order => "first_name").map{|m| m.full_name}

This test passes, and has the expected behavior:

def test_single_named_scope_overrides_default_scope_order
  expected = Monk.find(:all, :order => "last_name asc").collect {|m|}
  received = Monk.by_last_name.collect {|m|}
  assert_equal expected, received

This test does not pass:

def test_nested_scopes_orders_combined
  expected = Monk.find(:all, :order => "last_name asc, first_name asc").collect {|m| m.last_name + ", " + m.first_name}
  received = Monk.by_last_name.by_first_name.collect {|m| m.last_name + ", " + m.first_name}
  assert_equal expected, received

I have included a patch containing these tests and the Monk model.

For more discussion see this conversation on Rails Core.

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