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ActiveRecord#calculate broken for multiple fields in :group option

Reported by gix | June 27th, 2008 @ 03:45 AM | in 3.0.5

The docs to ActiveRecord#calculate state:

:group - An attribute name by which the result should

be grouped. Uses the GROUP BY SQL-clause.

Most likely to be compatible to finders. But this statement is only partially true. The method's algorithm assumes that :group contains only one field. When specifying multiple values -- e.g. :group => 'foo, bar' -- this does not work anymore.

If one were to use ActiveRecord#count to get only the size of a result set (as the will_paginate-plugin does for example) this used to work in Rails 2.0 and was broken by [Rails-Changeset]. Now the final result array with grouped key => aggregated value pairs is totally broken because keys are overwritten:

>> Item.count(:group => 'item_id').size

=> 687

>> Item.count(:group => 'quality').size

=> 2

>> Item.count(:group => 'item_id, quality').size

=> 2 # item_id is primary key, should return 687

>> Item.count(:group => 'quality')

=> [[5, 2], [4, 685]]

>> Item.count(:group => 'item_id, quality')

=> [[4, 1], [5, 1]]

I do not know how this should or can be fixed. Ideally every field in :group should be taken into account and used as some sort of combined key. The major problem I see here is splitting the :group string into fields because a simple split(/\s*,\s*/) won't work for more advanced things like 'COALESCE(col1, col2)'.

Another solution would be to allow :group being an array, thus putting the splitting in the hands of the caller:

Model.calculate(:op, :group => ['c', 'COALESCE(c1, c2)'])

This should be changed for finders as well then.

Otherwise the docs should be changed to reflect that multiple fields are not possible.

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