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ronin-23439 (at lighthouseapp)

has_many :conditions and named_scope should alter creates from within it

Reported by ronin-23439 (at lighthouseapp) | June 15th, 2008 @ 03:05 AM

This has been a problem in rails for a very long time and I am shocked that it has not been fixed yet. What I say here about has_many essentially applies just the same to named_scope.

Assume I have a class Post. Post has a boolean field 'published', indicating whether the post has been published or not. I also have another class, Blog. If I want the blog to have many posts, which is just any posts in general, and to also have only posts which have been published:

class Blog < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :posts
    has_many :published_posts, :conditions => {:published => true}, :class_name => 'Post'

Blog.published_posts.find(:all) works just as expected. But what if I want to do the following in order to have the blog post it immediately:

Blog.published_posts.create(:title => 'The Blog Post')

This doesn't automatically alter the condition of to true. This seems odd, and inconsistent since the only way to access this record is from Blog.posts, rather than Blog.published_posts, where I created it from.

The obvious problem that arises is that if the conditions are not exactly specific about which alterations need to be done such as 'date < 2008' the create cannot work with this. I suggest that to patch this, if a hash is being used for conditions it can be used on either a create or a find since the values are specific. Otherwise :conditions only applies to the find and an alternate :create_conditions can be used for creates.

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